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We did not know the penalty for staying up late until the day after. In other words, at b. I like when the things I read, like novels and poetry, remain in my head for some time after I have read them as I see it as yeats poetry essay sign of being good writing which I have enjoyed reading. This is reinforced by the fragmented rhyme scheme which reflects the breaking down of order.

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I found this theme very thought-provoking and therefore an entertaining theme to read about. The chaos and lack of structure in the line represents the violent and chaotic escapades that many people were a part of during that time. The sudden imposition on the world of a primary political system, on the other hand, at its widest expansion from the very outset, was quite another matter.

The traditional octave-sestet relationship of the Italian sonnet created for Yeats a division into two parts with two different but related emphases. He accepts the fact that their relationship was something of the past as he refers to yeats poetry essay as mere memories. The primary, by contrast, is anti-individualistic mass-orientedsaintly or sagelike, democratic, rational, and moral.

It is his unconventional break in line 11, however, which achieves a tripartite structure at the same time that it introduces the thematic bases for an amalgamating—if not resolving—unity for all three parts of the poem and for all their interrelated levels of symbolic implication. This juxtaposition of emotions implies that the people are growing apart from the politicians.

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This seems to be Romantic lyricism at its yeats poetry essay best. Platonism, Neoplatonism, Hermetic symbolism, spiritual alchemy, Rosicrucianism, and certain elements of cabalism. Thoroughly capable of writing bad poetry, Yeats has by no means been without his detractors.

The Later Poetry, suggest the likelihood of such intentional or semi-intentional ambiguity. Whilst he still finds his life understandably sad, he no longer expects her to change her mind and, accordingly, he does not write a depressingly bitter poem. Because the poem yeats poetry essay on, however, to indicate quite candid belief in the existence of supernatural spirits and, further still, in reincarnation or transmigration of the soul, modern critics who do not accept such quasireligious views have evidently declined to take the piece very seriously.

From this context came the so-called doctrine of the mask or anti-self though not actually wholly original with Yeats. Sometimes other aspects of content are unduly personal or sentimental.

The inimitable Yeats poetry essay hallmark, however, remained a certain romantic rhetorical quality despite his own fulminations against rhetoricwhat he called passionate syntax, that remarkable gift for just the right turn of phrase to express ecstatic emotional intensity or to describe impassioned heroic action.

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After a while, however, the phenomenon can be recognized for what it is: Like a staring schoolchild, man might well ask—in fact, for centuries he has asked—where the material world ends yeats poetry essay the spiritual world begins, and how, in this temporal realm, he can separate the one from the other. I found this theme particularly interesting as I could easily identify with it.

The faeries are not as angelic as they appear on the surface.

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Moreover, as Yeats stated in several essays, he found still further parallel and supporting materials yeats poetry essay almost every turn—in Jakob Boehme, Emanuel Swedenborg, and William Yeats poetry essay in the folklore of the Irish peasantry; in classical mythology, Irish legends, and the seasonal rituals examined by Sir Yeats poetry essay George Frazer; and in Asian religions, among other places.

Along with several other convincing clues in these drafts occurs one line that leaves little to the imagination: The themes of his poems are often easily identified with and his simple style of writing makes his poetry easy to interpret and understand. This relates back to how he conveys despair in yeats poetry essay poem. How to cite this page Choose cite format: This poem is a strong endorsement and a memorial to the rebellions.

His poetry is interesting and thought provoking. The answer to this question lies in recognition of a point that appears rather clearly at various places in A Vision. Yeats seems very envious of the swans and this is made clear throughout the ambroson deann lynn dissertation. The birth of Christ came, then, as Yeats indicates with unequivocal clarity, at the time of an antithetical secular or political phenomenon at the very height of its development, at the widest expansion of its cone—the Yeats poetry essay Empire.

Diction, syntax, and idiom are—again as in the ballad or folk song—colloquial and uncomplicated.

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That created self, a living myth, was in turn the image reflected in his poetry, the center of vision embodied in essay about moving to usa verbal constructs of his art. Given the possibility of such consort or interaction between the human and the divine, what supernatural effects—if any—are consequent for the mortal party?

Yeats intends to turn his back on the ageing process and seek immortality, hence his journey to Byzantium. Overall, I would say that I strongly like the poetry of Yeats as I find it a pleasant, thought provoking read. World War I had just ended, leaving the Western world in that continuing mood of despondency voiced also yeats poetry essay T.

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At times, the poet seems to vacillate or contradict himself from one poem to another, a habit that at first makes understanding these pieces rather difficult. The tree—and the poem—are supremely organic wholes, greater than the sums of their parts.

To understand the importance of these allusions to Greek history—and the deeper meanings of the poem—the reader must realize that Yeats intended the poem to represent the annunciation of a new era of civilization in his cyclic vision yeats poetry essay history, the two-thousand-year-period of pagan polytheism that preceded the present age of Christian monotheism.

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To suggest that Yeats consistently achieved great poetry through various combinations of these thematic elements and stylistic devices, however, would be less than forthright. For the period following c. In a note, Yeats says that the poem was written in response to a request from the editor of a political review.

The feature of style which I recognised most in the poetry of Yeats which I studied was his use of contrast. In two different senses Yeats found in all these materials convincing bases for the perpetuation of his obsession with extracting unity from multiplicity.